‘Louise has a sparkling personality and carries out her tests in an efficient manner. It was a pleasure to consult her.’ – a client

‘Lou is an instinctive and natural chef who cooks from the heart and makes the best of whatever ingredients she has to hand to create wonderful food. Her training as a nutritionist means she understands the needs of those on restricted diets yet she never compromises on quality or taste to accommodate their requirements. She is famously brilliant at customer service and is a wise and patient teacher to others.’ – Kate Hawkings – Chair, Food writers guild, Co-owner Bellita, Bristol

‘Eating at Louise’s house on special occasions, I always knew she was not only a great host but also an exceptional cook’. – Daniel Galmiche ex-Executive Chef The Vineyard Newbury, Food writer.

‘You’re a genius!’ – BF customer

‘Her recipes, care and attention to detail have proved to be most helpful. Her ability to offer individual bespoke recipe advice has been invaluable. As a musician who is on the road all the time, this has proven to be fundamental to my health. There’s Superman, Superwoman and then there is Super Lou!’ – Lady Nade, Musician

‘Whether you are cooking for health, economy, or the sheer love of great food, Louise offers not only an understanding knowledge of the body and nutrition, but also fabulous advice, recipes and dinners. Whatever the occasion: learning how to prepare food, to cook economically or to control intolerances, Louise can provide delicious recipes, excellent tuition and an infectious passion!’ – Claire Galmiche teacher and life coach.

‘Through her thoughtful guidance and planning, she put the light back into my daughter’s eyes’ – Liz Ellis, Teacher