Lady Nade Collaboration

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I first met Nadine Gingell in 2010 when she came to see me as a client. We shared a mutual
interest and different skills in music and food. We arranged to start doing a skills swap in which
Nade would come and see me either for a session of reflexology, or allergy therapy or an onsite
massage and in return she started giving me singing lessons. It was a swap that lasted for over a
year and as a result we became very good friends.

I truly believe and have faith in Nade’s ability as a singer, a dedicated teacher of music and am in
awe of her commitment to achieve her aim.

It was initially Nade’s idea for me to match a recipe to every track on her album, ‘Hard to forget’
which is due to be released this summer, 2016. We thought we could collaborate our different but
creative skills.

I have selected recipes to match each song whether it is the emotion that the song conjures up or
simply a reference or connection to food using the title or lyrics of each song.

We have starting filming cooking sessions to use on a blog about her album and the recipes.
To date it has been an interesting and thought provoking journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed
listening to her album thinking about what recipe would fit each track and it has also made me think
about the nutritional value of food in an innovative way.


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