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‘ Mind’s Made Up ’
‘Chicken Broth With Miso, Seaweed and Udon Noodles’

‘ Mind’s Made Up ’  ‘Chicken Broth With Miso, Seaweed and Udon Noodles’

This dish is deeply nourishing in order to help mend a broken and frustrated heart. Historically and across cultures feeding someone a chicken broth to aid recovery is well recognised. The depth of flavour in this soup is created by…

‘ Hard To Forget ’

‘ Hard To Forget ’   ‘Farinata’

  Hard to Forget Farinata is a simple batter made from gram flour (besan) and comes from Northern Italy. It is also known as ‘Socca’ in France. Gram flour is made from chickpeas and therefore contains no gluten, it is…

‘ I Got You Daddy’ ‘Sweet Potato and Leek Soup’

‘ I Got You Daddy’  ‘Sweet Potato and Leek Soup’

Sweet Potato and leek soup. I got you Daddy Just by the very title of this song I wanted to make something traditional, simple and conventional. This song is about everything that you haven’t got, a bowl of soup is…

‘Waiting For You’ ‘Bitter Salad’

‘Waiting For You’  ‘Bitter Salad’

My understanding of this song is about someone who has grown tired waiting for someone to commit to them. They are tired of the games that have been played, realising their own part to play in what was not a…

‘Those Late nights’
‘Hot Toddie ’

‘Those Late nights’   ‘Hot Toddie  ’

      Being unable to sleep, feeling anxious perhaps to the point of despair, having next to no appetite – I know for one that I have experienced this rather emotional state. Eating is indeed one of the last…

‘Lemon and Ginger Tea ’ ‘6AM’

‘Lemon and Ginger Tea ’  ‘6AM’

  I first heard 6AM when sat at a friend’s kitchen table in Cornwall, on a weekend away, it took my breath away. It is about a person who is helping a heartbroken friend. This person is actually in love with the friend…

‘Kiss This Troubled Mind’ ‘Chocolate Kisses ’

‘Kiss This Troubled Mind’ ‘Chocolate Kisses ’

It is widely known that chocolate can be the ‘go to’ food in times of despair, it is thought to those who desire it that it comforts and soothes… As it turned out the Chocolate kisses I have made for Nade’s…



I first met Nadine Gingell in 2010 when she came to see me as a client. We shared a mutual interest and different skills in music and food. We arranged to start doing a skills swap in which Nade would come…