Bristol, United Kingdom

NB: Due to physical health issues I am presently unable to take any bookings.

I work as a chef and I believe that cooking is one of life’s pleasures.
I have experienced food intolerances both personally and within my family. This has
sent me back to the culinary drawing board on numerous occasions.

Qualifying as a nutritionist and allergy therapist sparked an even greater interest in
food allergies and intolerances and has affirmed that I am very much a people person
as well as being someone who can produce delicious food for all, including those who
follow a ‘restricted’ diet.

In my clinic work I inspire my clients about the foods they can eat rather than them
being anxious about the suggested foods that they should avoid. I demonstrate this in
my recipes, my cooking ability and what I produce working as a chef.

I believe that the whole process of growing, preparing and eating food is one of
nature, nurture and celebration.

That with a few adjustments to how we eat can have a long lasting positive effect on
our sense of well being.

My approach is practical and I aim to devise a personalized diet plan that will suit you
and your schedule.

I test using kinesiology. This is a muscle resistance test based on Chinese Meridian

If and when appropriate I also incorporate some Reiki techniques demonstrating such
relaxation techniques. I offer an holistic and comprehensive treatment.

The initial consultation will last no more than 2 hours I will go through a detailed
questionnaire with you asking about your symptoms, your diet and your history.

You will leave with a personalized diet plan, any relevant information and some