‘ Get You On My Own ’ ‘Red lentil Dal with broccoli and cauliflower’


Get you on my own

Well, here we are at the last track on Nade’s deliciously addictive album.

We have sat and listened through, heartbreak, loneliness, grief and despair, but here is Nade’s finale. A song about lust!

I love how this track has been produced, it sounds sassy and I think has a certain tone of 007 about it to be honest, but that might just be me.

The recipe I have come up for this track is a variation of a dish I cooked Nade for her birthday a few years ago and she has loved it ever since.

The ingredients in this Dal are all about boosting the energy and creating a better sense of well being. Indeed when I cooked this for Nade and Agata one evening I asked them to take note of how they felt before and then after eating it. They both agreed that it left them feeling energized.

The spices are warming and full of antioxidants. Fennel has been used twice here, it is excellent to help us to digest, and not just what we eat. There is a theory that it also helps us digest our thoughts and emotions and improves our ability to become more aware of those around us.

Ginger and black pepper are considered to be foods that help to kick out stagnant chi, in the belief that all illness/ailments occur when the chi becomes blocked or stuck and then stagnates. They therefore help to boost your energy.

Coconut is a medium chain fatty acid and is excellent for heart and digestive health, it is a sweet food and is also considered to be neutral in its energy.

Broccoli and cauliflower are both members of the cruciferous family. They are rich in nutrients especially vitamin C a powerful immune boosting antioxidant which also helps you convert fat to energy and manganese, which amongst other things helps to support your sex hormone production!

So if you were to find yourself cooking supper for a hot date, you were not sure of any dietary requirements this new person may have, then this has no gluten, no dairy, no celery, is vegan and almost nightshade free! (you could take out the chilli and just add more ginger and black pepper if nightshades were a problem).

It will boost your energy and your sense of well being, it will taste delicious. You will look, sound and feel great.

If for any reason it does not get eaten in one sitting, it will taste just fine a little cooler or can even be heated and eaten the next day.

Enjoy it all!


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‘Get You On My Own’ is out now on The Lady Nade ‘Hard To Forget’ Album (Link to my shop) www.ladynade.co.uk/shop

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‘ Get You On My Own ’  ‘Red lentil Dal with broccoli and cauliflower’

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