‘ Complicated ’ ‘A cooked salad with quinoa and roast cauliflower’




I first came across this song as part of the bands that were playing for a site entitled, ‘Songs from the shed’. Yet again it was a song that touched my heart. It is so obviously about a loss, grief, the passing of a loved one. I think the lyrics are simple and emotive, the fact that it remains such an under produced track on Nade’s album just adds to it’s poignancy. I do hope you are in agreement with this as it was my idea to leave it so.

I have previously written a blog about how cooking can be a therapeutic process. It can demand attention which is sadly so often the reason as to why some say they do not enjoy cooking. But I believe that this distraction and demand for thought can be a helpful tool aiding someone through the process of grieving. I think I have made reference to this thought in my previous blogs when one is trying to recover from a broken heart – this too is a loss.

The recipe for this salad is made up from different cooking methods which are brought together when combining all the ingredients using the different flavours.

It requires thought in the method – when and how to cook which ingredient and for how long.

The ingredients themselves are loaded with simple to digest proteins, fibre and the inclusion of turmeric just simply boosts the antioxidant properties and will boost the immune system.

A shock, grief and stress are all examples of emotions that have a negative impact on our immune systems as they can create an imbalance in our body’s chemistry, there is a belief that this can deplete us of our good gut flora. It is a naturopathic view that our good gut flora is of paramount importance to the well being of our immune systems. To offer a body that is functioning under stress something that is easy to digest and full of nutrition can only increase our sense of nourishment.

The fact that this recipe also contains slow roasted vegetables sweetens the overall flavour therefore adding to its ability to feel comforting.

It has plentiful amounts of fresh herbs and onion seeds all of which are well known for their medicinal properties.

It is dressed with a combination of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice both of which may aid digestion and absorption.

Due to the combination of the ingredients it is also a salad that is rich in colour, very pleasing to the eye which may help stimulate an appetite in someone that may not be feeling hungry due to their distress.

It is a salad of several components and cooking processes, perhaps a little complicated to make but very simple to digest and to enjoy.

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Complicated is out now on The Lady Nade ‘Hard To Forget’ Album www.ladynade.co.uk



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‘ Complicated ’  ‘A cooked salad with quinoa and roast cauliflower’

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