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‘Chicken Broth With Miso, Seaweed and Udon Noodles’


This dish is deeply nourishing in order to help mend a broken and frustrated heart. Historically and across cultures feeding someone a chicken broth to aid recovery is well recognised.

The depth of flavour in this soup is created by making a good chicken stock.

Making a good stock takes time and consideration, it encourages you to make that connection between how you are feeling and what you are eating, it comforts and nurtures.

By slowly cooking a chicken stock it extracts all the nutrients from the bone and cartilage. It is cheap and low in calories. The stock contains gelatin from the bones, it is the gelatin that helps to heal the gut. It is a naturopathic point of view that all illness starts in the gut, so good gut health is the core to good health.

The stock is also mineral rich it contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and potassium amongst other things. All of these are good for our heart and bone health. It also contains glucosamine from the cartilage, this is now documented and taken in the form of a supplement to reduce inflammation in arthritic joints.

By adding seaweed it builds on this mineral rich food. There is a theory that if the ashes of a cremated body were analysed they would contain nothing other than minerals, this belief demonstrates the importance of eating mineral rich foods.

I have chosen to use Arame in this recipe as it has a mild and sweet flavour and only needs rehydrating for about 20 minutes before it is ready to be eaten. It is an excellent introduction to eating seaweeds. Seaweeds are also rich in chlorophyll which binds to toxins and rids the body of them. This is why they often have the reputation as being a detox food.

The miso needs to be organic and non gmo, so source it well. There is a belief that Soy beans are actually hard to digest, by fermenting them you start the process of digestion. The fermentation process produces enzymes and healthy bacteria which is also vital for good gut health. It is also therefore important that the miso is added at the end of the cooking process so that it does not come into contact with the heat for too long destroying the enzymes and healthy bacteria.

The addition of the rice noodles, vegetables and coriander add texture, flavour and more antioxidant properties.

I am an avid fan of chicken stock soups, they are easy to digest and nourishing.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there is a belief that ginger, celery and black pepper are 3 foods that may help to kick out ‘stagnant chi’, believing that illness occurs when the body’s energy becomes stagnant or stuck. This soup has all 3 of these ingredients in it, so I am hoping it will heal and enable the person who is feeling ‘stuck’ and upset to find the strength to finally ‘Move on’

A comfort food for anyone in need of comfort and recooperation.

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