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Hard to Forget

Farinata is a simple batter made from gram flour (besan) and comes from Northern Italy. It is also known as ‘Socca’ in France.

Gram flour is made from chickpeas and therefore contains no gluten, it is also vegan. It has proven to be a dietary revolution where gluten and dairy cannot be eaten. It can be baked in the oven or fried in a pan like a pancake.

I think it is a great alternative to bread and goes well with soups, stews, salads, dips or even a good cheese.

I cook mine like a pancake and truly believe that it is best left overnight. It is better cooked and eaten immediately.

Now, I hear you ask, why did I use this recipe for Nade’s song entitled ‘Hard to forget’?

It’s all about the Rosemary. My understanding is that herbalists believe rosemary to be good for memory, concentration and depression.

Romans swore by it and would liberally hang it up around rooms. In English folklore it is believed that lovers would give it to one another in order to remember their vows to their loved one.

In Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ Ophelia describes rosemary as the herb, ‘For remembrance’.

When my son was studying I habitually kept cooking him food with rosemary in it, to the point when he requested that I stopped!.. But hey ho, he got great grades so it might have helped – just a little bit.

Scientifically it has been proven to improve memory in a group of older people by up to 15%.

It also has antibacterial properties and simply just tastes great.

This is also the International year of the pulse, so with that thought in mind, I would also like to big it up for the humble chickpea. What a remarkable and versatile legume it is.

Gram flour is a great gluten free flour to use as when it is mixed with water, and left to sit for a while so it rehydrates and makes a great crisp batter. It is used to make onion bhajis amongst other things as well.

Chickpeas, like all beans and pulses contain a lot of fibre, both soluble and insoluble. This not only helps to keep us ‘regular’ but it also helps us to rid ourselves of cholesterol.

Chickpeas are a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals including iron and magnesium.

Proteins are our building blocks they help us repair and renew. A good variety is essential.

We need iron to transport energy to our cells. When we are low in iron we can experience anaemia, a symptom of which is fatigue.

Magnesium is vital for cardiovascular health and is considered to be the most calming, soothing and healing mineral.

‘Hard to forget’ is a song about someone missing a lover and feeling nostalgic and remorseful about the love that they have lost.

I am hoping that a nourishing food that offers rosemary for remembrance, protein to renew and repair and magnesium to soothe and heal might actually prove to be good for this wounded heart.


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