‘ I Got You Daddy’ ‘Sweet Potato and Leek Soup’


Sweet Potato and leek soup.

I got you Daddy

Just by the very title of this song I wanted to make something traditional, simple and conventional. This song is about everything that you haven’t got, a bowl of soup is a bowl of comfort.

Soups are an inexpensive and easy to digest meal which can increase your intake of both vegetables and water in one sitting, all the more reason to include a regular helping of a vegetable soup.

When writing recipes for my clients I have to consider all the possible food intolerances. Potatoes are a Nightshade and nightshades can sometimes prove to be a problem food for people as they may aggravate any condition of inflammation within the body. For example, arthritis sufferers are sometimes advised to avoid the nightshades.

For this reason I have used sweet potatoes as they are not a nightshade and offer many more nutrients than the regular potato. They are full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, especially betacarotene and vitamins C and A.

They are deliciously sweet and sweeten again when roasted. I tossed these sweet potatoes in sumac and thyme before roasting them. Both of which would have increased the antioxidant properties as well as the depth of flavour. Sumac is a crushed berry with a lovely citrus like flavour. It is used a lot in middle eastern cooking. Thyme also has antibacterial properties.

I regularly use a soffritto base to start my soups. This is a mix of onions, carrots and celery. The ratio is 2:1:1. I have just substituted the onions with the leeks. Soffritto is considered to be a flavour builder, a great base for soups, stews and even risottos. If you do not like celery then you can substitute this with fennel. It not only helps to give depth of flavour but it also adds to the nutritional benefit of any soup or stew. It also adds to the fibre content. But to be honest this is just an added bonus, it is the balance and depth of flavour that seems more important here.

There is a reference in this song to going away, ‘into the sun’, due to the colour of the sweet potatoes and the carrots, the colour of this soup is decidedly orange, it is warming and comforting. It offers a little bit of sunshine in a bowl.

The addition of chopped parsley at the end of making the soup, offers it a contrast in colour and texture – the orange against the green – but it also adds a little extra nourishment. Parsley is loaded with vitamins and minerals including iron and vitamin C. These two nutrients work together and are best absorbed when consumed together. I tend to use fresh flat leaf parsley as one of my portions of green vegetables, I add handfuls of it.

Leek and sweet potato soup is just a variant of the ever popular, simple and delicious leek and potato. It is comforting and nourishing, like any love when offered up, it makes you feel good.


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‘ I Got You Daddy’  ‘Sweet Potato and Leek Soup’

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‘ I Got You Daddy’  ‘Sweet Potato and Leek Soup’

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