‘Waiting For You’ ‘Bitter Salad’


My understanding of this song is about someone who has grown tired waiting for someone to commit to them. They are tired of the games that have been played, realising their own part to play in what was not a worthwhile relationship in which to invest time and energy.

Perhaps there maybe a sense of bitterness for the time that has been wasted. But this time has proven to be worthwhile for digesting emotions, recognizing and acknowledging a vulnerability in oneself that has possibly been a pattern of behaviour and one that needs to be left behind.

There are also references to gardens, water, swimming, colours within the lyrics.

My recipe for this song is a garden salad, a bitter salad.

Bitter salad
The idea of a bitter salad is that it is a small appetiser that aims to correct the acid/alkaline balance in the stomach which in turn aids digestion. I believe there is a theory that we digest our thoughts and emotions as well as what we consume. I would like to think that anything that aids a process of digestion will aid us to recover, to rid ourselves of toxins, including negative thoughts and offer us a better sense of well being.

This salad is best eaten without anything else and when one is hungry and digestive juices are flowing.

Portion size: please note that there is a theory that your stomach is about the size of your fist so please find a bowl that could accommodate this amount of food. This salad does not need to be any bigger than this.

This salad could also include a seaweed called Nori. It usually comes dry and chopped so you could sprinkle a little on top.
You could also add some finely chopped celery or fennel, and fresh herbs eg: flat leaf parsley, mint, grated raw beetroot or finely sliced fresh fennel. All of which are considered to be good to aid digestion and detoxification.

Dress with organic apple cider vinegar, good extra virgin olive oil, good sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

The benefits of regularly taking apple cider vinegar are now well documented. It is full of antibacterial properties, is considered to be anti inflammatory and full of vitamins and minerals including potassium.

Sprouting seeds and beans are packed full of good oils, vitamins and minerals and because they are classed as a living food they are also loaded with enzymes. These enzymes promote your digestion and your energy levels.

The nutrient content of sprouting pulses and beans are considered to volumise by up to 8 times. I have read that Chinese fisherman used to sprout mung beans at sea to prevent scurvy and more recently I have heard a similar story regarding Scottish sailors in the 19th century doing the same but with chickpeas.
Seaweeds are packed full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and this is an ideal way of getting them into your diet – a little and often.
Parsley is loaded with minerals, especially iron and vitamin C. Iron and vitamin C are best absorbed when consumed together. Treat fresh organic parsley as you would a leafy green vegetable.

Mint is notoriously known to be beneficial to digestion and minimizes flatulence as does fennel these two have been included in this recipe to minimise any risk of flatulence as a result of eating the beans.

This salad is raw and delicious. it feels cleansing to eat, perhaps this might help any emotional bitterness to subside, removing any stagnation and enabling one to move in a better direction and onto brighter, greener and more positive pastures.


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‘Waiting For You’  ‘Bitter Salad’

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