‘Those Late nights’
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those late nights



Being unable to sleep, feeling anxious perhaps to the point of despair, having next to no appetite – I know for one that I have experienced this rather emotional state.

Eating is indeed one of the last things you feel like doing and within reason, if we do not feel like eating then why force it? My understanding is that there is now evidence that feeling good and happy about what we eat encourages our bodies to extract or absorb more nutrients from what we do eat. Missing the odd meal because we simply do not feel like it might actually be a good thing.

So, you cannot sleep, you cannot eat but something is telling you that you are hungry and that you should have something.

You are tired and cannot seem to sleep and you are drinking to forget, to numb the pain, so why not drink something that might actually help you to sleep, to rest, to wake up to a new day and to hopefully feel hungry..

A hot toddy with a twist using rum, (as I know Nade prefers rum rather than whisky.)

With spices that might help to stimulate your digestive system, they have excellent anti microbial properties and cinnamon in particular, helps to balance your blood sugar levels. You might wake up hungry. Adding an orange slice not only adds flavour but also some antioxidants, despite the hot water it might help the digestive juices to get going, it is sweet and warming, comforting even.

Honey when heated is a sugar, but if it is a good honey then it might be possible to minimise the negative effects of sugar, but glucose helps process thoughts and gives us energy to simply carry on. To wake up, to get up and get through another day. By the simple act of getting up and getting through another day will release energy, this energy is what will eventually get us through whatever it is that is causing us this pain and despair.

Our bodies function as a whole unit. Emotionally, Structurally and physiologically all systems want to work together and want to keep us well. We just need to listen to it a bit more and feed the bit that might be lagging, suffering for whatever reason in the belief and the knowledge that they will all return to their homeostasis, their point of equilibrium and we will one day be feeling better.

Cloves are known to have a numbing effect particularly for toothache. I have just adapted this idea by thinking that they may also help to numb all pain, the pain that life can sometimes throw at us all.

Children were often given a sweet drink – perhaps with milk – to help them to sleep – this hot toddy is sweet, spicy, warming and comforting.

Try it next time it is late, you have no appetite and you cannot sleep.

And then hopefully sleep well.

Night x

Please note: I am in no way advocating that you take up drinking excessive amounts of rum or any alcohol. Alcohol should always be consumed with moderation in mind. It is still a food and it is what we choose to do with any food whether it be in production or consumption is often what may lead to problems, so please guys, go easy, remember The Moderation Rule!

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Photo: Agata Rucin

‘Those Late nights’   ‘Hot Toddie  ’

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