‘Lemon and Ginger Tea ’ ‘6AM’


I first heard 6AM when sat at a friend’s kitchen table in Cornwall, on a weekend away, it took my breath away. It is about a person who is helping a heartbroken friend. This person is actually in love with the friend they are trying to help, that friend cannot sleep, is angst ridden and has no idea of the love that is being offered to them.

I can remember my great aunt telling me that she started everyday with hot water and lemon and swore by it.

In the world of nutrition, it is considered to be an excellent detoxification aid especially when combined with ginger. Both are rich in antioxidants and considered to be an excellent support for our liver and have healing and stimulating properties for our digestive system.

There is a belief that emotions can also harbour and congest the liver besides toxins. Our livers detoxify whilst we are asleep. We need to be asleep in the early hours for the liver to do this. If we cannot sleep then the liver cannot detoxify.

The coconut oil makes the drink more nourishing and more substantial. Coconut also aids the liver as it utilizes energy and helps to rid the body of ‘bad’ fats. It is also excellent for gut health. The aim of this drink is to nurture you from the inside out. A nourishing, detoxifying comforter.

‘Lemon and Ginger Tea ’  ‘6AM’

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‘Lemon and Ginger Tea ’  ‘6AM’

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